LA​-​A demo IV

by LA-A

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4th demo from Jacksonville Fl band LA-A


released August 15, 2017

recorded and mixed by Craig Delony at Warehouse Studio
Jacksonville Fl
Mastered by Jason Busch at Bantam Mastering-Boston



all rights reserved


LA-A Jacksonville, Florida

Pronounced la-dasha

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Track Name: blah blah blah
BlahBlah Blah

Like a dog to a bone Ive been running alone.
Now I'm home laying on the floor naked and stoned.
Most times hounds don't change. It depends on how the mutt was raised.
Catch ya throwing trash out your mouth,
There ain't to much to save.
Throw me out too. I haven't showered for days.
I'm just getting warmed up with this old friend. Just getting warmed back up with this paper and pen.

Head stone reads pissed inside, forever missed, and covered in fleas.
Everyone's favorite stray.
That damn dog just won't run away.
Pissed inside, covered in fleas.

30 pieces of silver sure goes a long way.
I'd rather you friend me hanging from a tree than to be known as the prodigal son.
This is your kiss on the cheek.
I am Judas.

Now I'm home. Laying on the floor.
Naked and stoned.
Track Name: yeah sure yeah
Yeah sure yeah

Here we are, keys locked in the car.
Oh this ain't the first time and I know it won't be the last.
Just like last time I'll be just fine.
Never cared about being late to work.
Hit the bottom of the can, start again.
Everyday the sun still shines hotter than hell.

Bleed to fuck.
Fuck to eat.

Who's got the sleep?
Dirt falls back in when you dig to deep.
Who's got the sleep man?
Dirt falls back in when you dig to deep.
Every day the sun still shines hotter than hell.

Bleed to fuck.
Fuck to eat.

My favorite thing about cigarettes,
Is I haven't even opened my second pack yet.
My favorite thing about the winter,
Whisky really keeps me warm.
You gotta stay warm.

I wouldn't worry about a broken mirror.
7 years of bad luck can't last forever.
Track Name: Bastard sons
Every good ole boy has his own little tale.
A tale about where and when with the hometown band.
Where would we be now?
Riding on the wings of a dead bird.

Belt wrapped tight, buckle strapped to his hand.
Word around is you better watch out!
He keeps his victims ears in a can.
Belt wrapped tight, buckle strapped to his hand.
Word is you better watch out.
He's the baddest mother fucker around.

Every good ole boy they all sound the same. Talking bout how the neighborhood has changed.
Oh the good ole days. Year books and his high school lay.
The neighborhood has changed.
Riding on the wings of a dead bird.

Belt wrapped tight, buckle strapped to his hand. Looking for anyone looking for some fun.
Belt wrapped tight, buckle hanging by his side. Looking to sing, looking to fight.
Those were the glory days. This neighborhood sure has changed.

The neighborhood has changed.
Old dirt roads turned into 4 lanes.
Watch her walk through those swinging doors. Feathered hair and those daisy duke shorts. This old bar stool is the only thing the same.
Track Name: platoon 63
Platoon 63

5 years after Vietnam, this old vet buries his wife and their son.
It's so bizarre the breaks just went out.
It wasn't his fault. He had never even ran a light before.
Maybe once when he was young and dumb on a drunken night with some wreckless fun.
Now the smell of gas fills the air. This ain't no flash back. This is real.
More real than any war.
His hopes and his dreams locked behind American made doors.
Adrenaline can do crazy things, and believe me he tried.
But for the first time since the war lieutenant sleeps alone tonight.

This his head hung, eyes fixed on his whisky neat.
Ole boy sips and sits alone every night night of the week.
Only 6 months have passed but his hair and dirty clothes pain the picture of years.
Barkeep only knows him by the quite one that lives next door.

Then he heard a familiar sound. A voice that should not be around here.
He had to lift his head and turn his eyes to see if he believed what his ears heard.

This once killings machine, hair down his back, in Greatful Dead T.
"Lieutenant Scott? It's me, Platoon 63! It's been years, how have you been? Looks like you could use a friend."

Nothing was said, but through the look in his eyes he was heard.

Then everything changed. Laying on his back. He could hear his wife's laughter blowing through the trees. His son was a tire swing hanging from his favorite tree.

The circle of life comes with a price.
Every tear that falls... falls again.